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Biomethane is considered the sustainable alternative to natural gas and can be produced from several types of waste (urban solid waste, sewage sludge, or agricultural waste) in a carbon-neutral process, which includes biogas production. Biogas produced from waste will be purified, mainly removing carbon dioxide and other impurities (siloxanes, and hydrogen sulfide, among others). The biomethane produced has a percentage of CH4 up to 99%, meaning it has an identical composition to that of natural gas, which can be used to create electricity and heat, power vehicles, or even be injected into the natural gas grid. At Dourogás Renovável, we focus on producing biomethane for subsequent use in mobility and injection in the national gas grid. We consistently seek to achieve a sustainable cycle, taking advantage of all products and by-products of the process. Thus, we strive to use not only the produced biomethane but also the digested biogas for fertilizer production, or the CO2 obtained from the purification process for the food industry, contributing to a circular economy.

Green Hydrogen

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe and is now considered a crucial energy vector for achieving the planet’s decarbonization targets set by the European Union. Hydrogen has a high energy density which makes it ideal for powering vehicles. Dourogás Renovável focuses on producing green hydrogen, i.e., sustainably produced hydrogen without polluting emissions through electrolysis.

Electrolysis is a process that consists of breaking the water molecule into hydrogen and oxygen by electrodes through an electrical current that comes from renewable sources. The hydrogen produced can then be used in fuel cells to produce electricity, in which the process by-product is only water, allowing to reduce CO2 emissions substantially. Due to its outstanding features as an energy vector, it can be injected into the gas grid.

The hydrogen produced in our projects will be injected into the national gas grid, providing our customers with an alternative source of clean energy.


E-fuel or synthetic fuels represent all fuels produced from renewable electricity, such as e-methanol or e-methane. Their role in the energy transition will be paramount, as they mitigate emissions in comparison to their conventional production counterparts.

Usually, the synthesis process of alternative fuels consists of two or three distinct steps. In the first phase, green hydrogen is produced by water electrolysis using renewable energy. Subsequently, carbon dioxide (CO2), captured from its issuing sources, is also required. In the final stage, these two compounds are mixed to generate e-methanol and e-methane, among others.

Dourogás Renovável has partnerships with major companies in e-fuels and is actively developing projects for producing fuels such as e-methanol and e-methane, used in mobility and industry.

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