Hidrogasmove and Solargasmove

Location: Frielas, Loures

With a global investment of around 3.6 million euros, the project of Dourogás Renovável and Águas do Tejo Atlântico aims to produce biomethane from the sewage produced at Firelas’ wastewater treatment plant, in the municipality of Loures. The installed purification unit is VPSA (vacuum pressure swing adsorption). The biomethane produced will be injected into the natural gas grid and used to power vehicles, enhancing sustainable mobility. This project also aims to produce synthetic methane through a methanation process, in which the hydrogen used originates from solar-powered water electrolysis


The Move2LowC is a project with a consortium composed of several co-promoters and partners, which arises due to the exponential growth of the mobility sector and the consequent increase of GHG emissions caused by it. The primary purpose of the project is to decarbonize transportation by producing sustainable biofuels and developing innovative technologies. Dourogás Renovável is present in one of the Move2LowC subprojects, PPS4, where the goal will be to convert carbon dioxide from biogas into biomethane by an improved method. The final product obtained will then be compressed or liquefied for use in mobility. This project include the production of methanation catalysts and the development of a more efficient methanation reactor.


  Carbon emissions saved: 244 tons
  Energy produced: 1.2 GWh of biomethane
  With produced biomethane is possible to travel: 1589920
  Location: Urjais, Mirandela

This biomethane production unit is located in the Urjais landfill in the district of Bragança and Mirandela municipality. It consists of a vacuum pressure swing adsorption (VPSA) system, which allows the purification of biogas produced from the urban solid waste from Resíduos do Nordeste. The biomethane produced by the unit is then used for mobility, in the supply of waste trucks from the Resíduos do Nordeste, and for injection into the gas network. To this end, the unit has equipment that controls the quality of the biomethane produced to ensure that its composition is identical to that of natural gas. This project was the first biogas purification unit installed in Portugal.

Lightsource bp Partnership

In terms of hydrogen production projects, we have a partnership with Lightsource bp and we are currently developing eight hydrogen production projects to achieve the 250 MW electrolysis target by 2025. The project’s primary goal will be injecting the produced hydrogen into the Portuguese gas grid.



 Green methanol produced: 50000 tons
 Energy produced: 320 GWh
 Carbon emissions saved: 70290 tons

Regarding alternative fuels, we are currently developing a project in a consortium of more than 15 entities to produce green methanol. This methanol, the result of H2Driven, a project funded by the PRR, will be produced by combining synthesis gas produced through biomass gasification and green hydrogen produced through the electrolysis of water using solar energy. The green methanol will then be used for heavy industry and mobility. The project is expected to be implemented in 2025 with an annual production of 50 kton of methanol.



HyFuelUp is a project led by Colab BIOREF– Collaborative Laboratory for Biorefineries, in an international consortium of 11 academic and business entities, including Dourogás Renovável. Combining academic and industrial knowledge, the project will develop an advanced biomass waste gasification technology and subsequent methanation of the resulting gases in a hybrid process with the addition of green hydrogen. The production unit will be built in Tondela, and the destination of the e-methane produced, in the form of bio-LNG, will be used for long-distance road travel and maritime transport, saving greenhouse gas emissions.

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